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Excellent website about investing in apartments.


Multiple sources and teaching tutorials on Real Estate.


Creonline is basically an everything about Real Estate website. Check it out!


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No matter what kind of loan you may be looking for, there is a company or investor that’s willing to loan you their money. Many people think that because of our current economic cycle that it’s near impossible to get money for their business or Real Estate project. NOT true! There are plenty of companies and individuals who would be happy to loan you the funds you need.


There is a lot of information on the web pages of the links given above. You will find an answer to just about any question you may have. I have found biggerpockets.com and creonline.com to be two of the best websites for Real Estate investors.


As far as c-loans.com goes, give them a try! I believe you will be impressed with their services that they offer. You fill out a short form and then it is submitted to 750 lenders who compete for your business. They have a VERY quick response time!


So you see! It is possible to get the funds that YOU need to start a business or buy that property that you’ve be wanting to invest in. It’s a numbers game, just keep going until you get the money you’re after!


If you find any links that do not work OR you have a link that you find to be valuable, please let me know and I will fix the problem or add your link to the list. Thanks!


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